Duel core processor (2.16 gHz)
    20 inch screen
    1 gig memory
    250 gig hd
    Built in webcam
    Gfx card

    Can someone point me in the direction of where i might find the best deal for i-macs with the given spec or around there.



    Phone the apple store online on 0800 039 1010, always get good deals, especially if you're a student or any member of your family.And, cut price 3 years Applecare as well :-)

    All come with built-in webcam,bluetooth,wireless etc.

    or keep an eye on the Apple Store refurb section

    If you're a student (or know one *cough* :thumbsup: *cough* :whistling:) then direct from Apple with academic discount is by far the cheapest way to get a new mac

    If you can wait i would seriously recommend that you do so. iMacs are long due for an update and they are expected to have major redesign improvements. The new models are expected to come out sometime between late-July and mid-August.

    Waiting for another month or so will be well worth it and by that time apple will be offering a free ipod with every mac (or £100 cashback).

    If you can't wait then go ahead and enjoy your mac.

    Good luck
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