Imac "imovie" question

Does anyone have any info on how to transfer home movie's on dvd to the imovie program in order to edit them?

Or if not then which programs would be the best for me to do this?



I think you'd need to convert it to an avi or mpeg first, but not sure as never used it. I just know there are'nt many programs that allow you to edit vobs directly as its a very unstable way of doing it. However. if its just a scene or 2 you want to remove, you can do it through DVD Shrink very easily.
Hope that helps.

Try mactheripper to get the vob's onto your mac and if imovie doesnt like the files try converting them using handbrake to another format.

mactheripper is a free program you can download. Not 100% sure if handrake is free or shareware.
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