iMac - Should I buy now or wait till June/July?

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Found 26th Apr 2009
I have desperately saved up for an iMac, and now have enough money to buy one tomorrow direct from the Apple store with educational discount. However I believe there is an annual Apple announcement scheduled around June/July time where there is a possibility they might announce new spec Macs, specifically quad core?

What does everyone think?



I would wait, speculation is that the newer version of the operating system, Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) will be released around July 1. One of it's known features is better multi-core and 64-bit support. Bearing that in mind, there could well be new spec Macs with the hardware that can make decent use of those features.

EDIT: Read post further below

no rumours of quad core,there may be a minor speed bump but nothing major,go for it now...June/July is reserved for iphone announcements

Snow leopard will be Autumn time as well

It really depends on what you expect to get extra on a new imac that you won't get now
i also saved up for one and purchased from there refurb store 2 weeks ago picked up a 2.4 imac and added 4 gig of ram from crucial for under £700 and its great

Been a while since I read into Snow Leopard. A more accurate release date is August according to ]this article.
With regards to Quad Core, Apple have had Quad Core iMacs ready for a while, but have been holding them back for a few reasons, one of which includes the release of Snow Leopard. ]Read here

Based on the long wait of 3 months, I suppose you'd rather get one now - that's what I'd do, I'm impatient. Plus there's no guarantee that the Quad/Multi (could use i7s or i5s) Cores will appear with the release.

Make sure you're aware of the design issues with the imac before you buy such as it's lack of height adjustment and awkwardly placed ports.

It they are going to make changes any time soon it's probably just going to be a spec update. As they've recently made the Macbooks and Cinema displays follow the iMac's design trends it seems a new iMac is unlikely.

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Thanks for everyones replies. Im one who always likes the latest stuff, especially when you are folking out £1200 odd, and this is stupidly difficult to do with technology to say the least, (however I see no need to upgrade my ipod nano from 2nd gen). But its not even a definite that new imac specs will be out, so its a hard decision. I can see me waiting, maybe I just want lots of people to tell me to buy one tomorrow.


Im one who always likes the latest stuff, especially when you are folking … Im one who always likes the latest stuff, especially when you are folking out £1200 odd, and this is stupidly difficult to do with technology to say the least

Going for an iMac (or any all in one) seems silly then, even ignoring the latest stuff that it lacks such as DisplayPort/HDMI you won't be able to upgrade it with a USB 3.0 card when that comes out later this year, or give it UWB ('Wireless USB') support if that takes off without spoiling it's looks.

Upgrading the hard drive to an SSD when the prices drop (and you'll certainly want one) will be difficult since you'll have to disassemble the machine and of course it only supports a single hard drive so you'd have to transfer loads of data as well as the relatively small OS and programs over (or use an external hard drive, which will be slower as it doesn't support eSATA).

Doing a bit more research, it appears that the iMac was last updated on the 3rd March 2009, so personally I'd say another update is unlikely any time, the average update time for the iMac is ]220 days so the update is 'expected' around october or november, provided snow leopard doesn't prove important enough to update the macs for (hardware-wise, obviously they'll get 10.6 itself).

It is a bit of a dilemma, do you wait until August so you don't have to pay for the upgrade to 10.6, but by that time you'll be paying over the odds for the same spec as is availible now (apple don't drop their prices), or do you buy now and pay for 10.6 seperately when it comes out?
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