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Posted 15th Feb
Hi. Both the thunderbolt ports on my late-2013 iMac have suddenly stopped working. I’ve tried reinstalling the OS and resetting the PRAM but nothing is working. Apple suggest I take it to an authorised repair shop, which is a good hour’s drive from me and is likely to be an expensive fix for a computer I’m thinking of replacing soon enough anyway (going PC as I’m tired of Apple’s nonsense).

Any thoughts on both how this might be fixed (I’m convinced it’s software rather than hardware) or whether I should just sell up and move on. Thanks.
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probably best to move on. chances are a capacitor or some other component has gone. If you attach devices frequently, it could be the physical connector, but you are likely to spend a lot of time and $$$ to figure it out.

intrigued you would go to PC - windows 10 is "upgrade...shall i reboot" and "upgrade ... i am rebooting, stuff you", ad infinitum.

Of course Linux is a good choice. MacOS tends to just work through upgrades (and apple has the annoying "upgrade now? you sure? I cant tempt you?!").
Cheers. Yeah might bite the bullet and sell. Shame as I’d like to sell it fully working. Reason I’m thinking PC is my office computer is a PC and I sometimes bring work joke so it just makes it easier! Also I’d like to choose the spec and build myself.
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