ImageMixer Version 1.0 for Sony camcorder

Found 7th Jun 2008
2nd hand camcorder for my holidays and now I cant find the software to download,its ImageMixer Version 1.0 for Sony,does anyone have a copy that they would kindly share with me? or know where I can get a download of it,seems you cant transfer images from the cassettes to your pc unless you have this software:(
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masterruckus;2267944 this help?actually … this help?actually this one is version 1.0 for sony

I've hunted for hours and can find everything but the version 1.0:cry:
sorry mardyass i just noticed the links were dead and i just read a huge thread where everyone was begging to have a copy emailed to them. it appears you can only buy a copy! There were usb drivers if that helps but i guess you need the software
or you could email/pm this bloke as he appears to have the software worth a shot…417
thanks very much
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