Imax booking??

    Looking on booking some tickets for inception at the imax ( bradford) for sunday..
    Is it just a first come first serve basis of the seats you get?
    As like I know the london imax you book your seats..


    Yes it first come first served for seats and people start queueing about an hour before the film starts.

    That film is complex enough, let alone on a giant screen.

    Good luck with that!!

    Original Poster

    Seen it once, loved it, but want to see it at the imax

    I'd like to see it again....just to make everything sink in....did you think it was as good as everyone hyped up?


    Seen it once, loved it, but want to see it at the imax

    Definitely worth going to see it an Imax, I saw Inception for the first time at the London Imax then at again at my local theatre the next day which somewhat less impressive

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