IMAX/Liemax in Leicester Square Empire?

    Noticed this week that the Empire Leicester Square now boasts an IMAX screen. But does anyone know if this is a proper, full-experience IMAX like they have in Waterloo, or is it what has become known as a Liemax screen (official IMAX, but not giving the full experience)?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. And if you're interested in learning about the Imax/Liemax situation, do a bit of googling for info, lots of good explanatory sites out there. Don't get ripped off by Liemax!


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    Digital (Liemax), source: … Digital (Liemax), source: KINGDOM

    Thanks Hansi, and thanks for that link, i've never seen that site. I expected it was Liemax, but wanted to be sure. Ta!

    I won't go near this bastardization of empire cinema now with a 120 mile barge pole. justin ribbons is a total **** and he SUCKS! He signed the devils deal with those canadian **** to brutalize our British best cinema into a **** baby LIEMAX.

    EMPIRE 1 1330 seats THX RIP.

    empire LIEMAX square you SUCK and will never see not even £1.00 pound from for that **** baby LIEMAX and laserLIEMAX, empire cinemas you are permanently BOYCOTTED!
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