Found 30th Mar 2010
Was just checking if manufacturers can check if theres warranty on the phone with a imei number as i have lost the receipt and the manufacturer (samsung) offers a 24 month warranty?

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Yeah they should as that's your phones identity, if mine goes for repair that's what they check.


im stupid the Imei is at the back lol

Yeah its a bar-code under the battery,which they normally scan before giving u the phone:thumbsup:


im stupid the Imei is at the back lol

of course u

you can get IMEI no displayed on the phone screen by dialing following sequence

as long as you can provide a "valid" receipt, the phone will be repaired for 24 months from that date, as a rule samsung do not have a track on imei numbers in relation to warranty validation as opposed to someone like Nokia, where a repair centre can simply key into the website and have an end date to the warranty, they usually have a 25-26 month warranty as they include 6-8week "stocking time".

Now a "valid" receipt can be pretty much anything, for example my old shop simply gave printed word receipts, so in theory could be easily reproduced;-). As long as the manufacturer can see a purchase date they are happy to pay the repair centre.

I recently had a problem with the bluray drive on an original ps3 (not manufactured since 07) but with a "valid" :thumbsup: receipt showing purchase as 11 months ago, they replaced it free of charge.:whistling:
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