Imminent cashback deal on Nespresso


I was about to buy a Nespresso machine (Please no comments about the value or otherwise of these machines !!). I noticed that over the last two years they have run a money back promo over the Christmas period and so I contacted Nespresso themselves.

Nespresso have confimed that they will be running a cashback offer of about £40 on all their machines, starting in the next couple ofweeks.

So if you are planning on getting on (like me) hold off for a couple of weeks - will be worthwhile.



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These are great. I was thinking about updating my machine this year, but was holding out for the Christmas offers. Looks like patience will pay off for once:thumbsup:

Hopefully we will see some good offers in the run up to Christmas to sweeten the deal further:)

Thanks for this. Work mate of mine in Paris just been raving about his new machine and he got 50euros off the price with a christmas offer there. So I'll be on the lookout for someone to make this offer available here!!!!!

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