Immortal Seed, Invite?

    Maybe a long shot but does anyone use immortal seed?
    if so could anyone spare an invite?


    have you got a screen shot of your ratio on another site?

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    I have a ratio of 0.68 on demonoid, not the best i know to be honest i havent used demonoid for over a year..
    i have mainly been using isohunt but a mate at work suggested immortal seed, he cant generate any invites though for some reason.

    ok i'm in a trusting mood pm sent

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    ok i'm in a trusting mood pm sent

    :thumbsup: Farmville........... nice work!
    My Mrs plays that, cant say its my cup of tea but thanks all the same!

    lol wrong copy and paste sending now

    Hello, I've been looking everywhere for an invite to Immortal Seed and just found this thread.

    Do you happen to have any invites left?
    I'd really like to have one.

    Thanks in advance!

    TTi: Ratio: 8.152 Uploaded 179.89 GB Downloaded 22.07 GB

    I have invites to immortal seed but I am looking for one to demonoide. Any swaps welcome. I have a high ration for what its worth

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