import car to UK from Europe - advice needed

Found 2nd Jun 2009
I am interested in importing a car from Czech Republic or Germany into the UK but do not know what rules and regulations are in place.
The car is not brand new and used for over 2 years now hence it will be a used vehicle.
Can any one please provide what paperwork do I need and rules that I need to follow. Will it be easy - as I flighing out in one week and driving back with the car.
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Contact the DVLA they will send you everything you need.
Is quite hard to register it. Headlights and instruments cluster (from kilometers to miles) need replacing with the right hand drive models, MOT, insurance, roadtax. All in all a lot of forms, hassle and money just to end up driving on the wrong side of the road and sometimes not being able to see properly when you overtake. The idea is to find yourself - as a driver - towards the center of the road so you would have the best viewing angle while driving. I am not saying it is imposible but it is definately a lot riskier and the best solution for this is swapping the car with a right hand drive from the start. I am looking for a left hand drive myself as I have a house in Eastern Europe and I would be willing to offer you the equivalent for your car in the UK but in a right hand drive version, with a valid MOT and road tax (obsviously if I can afford buying the model that you have). In this way I would save myself the hassle of travelling just to buy a car and you'd be saving all this hassle of having to register yours. I also have my personal car - a VW Passat 2003 Estate tiptronic 1.9 TDI SE version which is a pleasure to drive and I'd be willing to trade. Just let me know if you're interested..
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