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Found 22nd Aug 2017
If you buy an item on EBay that comes from the USA how do you find out if any further charges will be added when it's posted
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That all depends on the declared value by the sender. Anything above £18 and stopped my customs will attract an additional charge. There are vat and duty calculators on Google. Your best bet is to use one of them.
It's a £8 handling fee and the 20% of the total cost of product and shipping if I'm correct x
Basically if the item is more than £15 (including postage costs) and the seller doesn't explicitly say customs charges are included then you should assume you'll pay VAT at the normal rate and whatever the delivery company's handling fee is (£8-20)

If it's an expensive item (hundreds) then you'll also pay customs duty, but this is typically only a couple of percent.

There are exceptions, some items have heavy taxes on them (cigarettes, alchohol) and some are 0% VAT (books) but the above is the usual situation.

Basically if you're saving 30% or more it might be worth it, or if there's no EU sellers. Otherwise, best avoided.
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