Import duties, taxes and charges on stuff bought on ebay from china???

Im about to buy a camcorder charger for £14 but under the t&cs it says that any Import duties, taxes and charges are the buyers responsibility. Ive bought a coupler of things from china/hong kong before like under £10 but never got charged. This item is going for £14 am I going to get charged? I totally dont understand!!


It depends on whether they tick the "gift" box on the duty sticker..... and I guess a little luck.... but duty on £14.00 cant be that much... can it? I have bought headphones from USA for £50.00 + and not been "got" on that one. Hope this helps

they usually classify the items as a "gift" to stop the charges, but i'm not sure about items over £10,

take a look at this:


hope you find out, or just ask the seller a question?

You will be fine it's about £18-£19 when the cut off limit is.

And get them to label it as a sample/gift etc

got this from the HM Revenue & Customs website:

"Goods sent as a gift are not free of import duties and import VAT. However, customs duty will not be collected if the amount is less than £7, and import VAT is not chargeable if:

- the value of the gift does not exceed £36
- the customs declaration is completed correctly
- the gift has been sent from a private person outside the EU to a private person(s) in this country
- the gift is for the use of either yourself or your family
- there is no commercial or trade element and the gift has not been paid for either directly or indirectly
- the gift is of an occasional nature only eg for a birthday or anniversary.

Please note the purchase of goods from outside the EU to give as a gift to a relative or friend, whether or not addressed to that person, is treated as a ‘commercial consignment’ for which the import VAT relief threshold is £18"


another thing to take into consideration is that although you should be fine in this instance, if you are ever charged for importing, its not just import duty and/or VAT you will have to pay. there will also be a parcelforce courier/handling fee to pay ]See here for details


You will be fine it's about £18-£19 when the cut off limit is.And get t … You will be fine it's about £18-£19 when the cut off limit is.And get them to label it as a sample/gift etc

You're right mate :thumbsup:
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