Posted 17th Apr 2017
Hi everyone, I've been looking for a while and I'm thinking about buying a xiaomi redmi 4 prime from aliexpress (delivered from china, of course) as it's £125 from there. I have also been looking for exactly the same phone on ebay where it is £166 (but this one is delivered from London) and I'm a bit confused in terms of whether I'll have to pay import taxes or duties if I buy from ali. Obviously the £40 price difference is tempting and I understand I could be waiting for several weeks if ordered from there but if I have to pay for it to be imported the costs will go above the one from ebay and having done a google search there's no clear answer on if I will have to pay the extra fees or not.

So what I'm asking is does anyone have any first hand experience with buying phones from these chinese sellers lately and did you have to pay additional fees? Or is it just a bit of pot luck?

Thanks in advance!

p.s I know the phone doesn't have band 20 but I'm with EE so should be fine!
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