Important changes to Virgin mobile tariff

Found 4th Apr 2008
Just recieved this email from Virgin mobile:

Hey you,

We hope youre enjoying your Pay Monthly tariff from Virgin Mobile.

While youre here, we wanted to let you know about some changes to your phone service.

Pay less. Surf more.
Great news were cutting the cost of surfing the net on your mobile phone. Whether youre finding out whats on at your nearest cinema, sticking a bid on e-Bay or checking Facebook, from 23rd of June itll cost an even cheaper rate of £2 per Mb in the UK, instead of £5 per Mb. That's 60% cheaper! So, browsing around 8 pages on eBay costs about 10p, depending on what type of phone you've got.

The chat part of Bites will also be even cheaper, itll cost just £2 per Mb, instead of £3.

Some changes to our standard charges
There are a few changes to our standard tariff happening from 12th of May we need to tell you about, too.

Your monthly package gives you a set amount of minutes to use to any landline and mobile network in the UK. If you use these up before the end of the month, youll switch onto our Pay Monthly standard tariff, which means calls to other mobile networks in the UK will cost 40p a minute from 12 May (right now they cost 35p a minute). Remember, this is only once youve used up your monthly allowance of minutes and texts.

Texts to other networks are also changing. Once youve used up your set amount of texts to any mobile network in the UK, youll use our Pay Monthly standard tariff, where texts to other UK networks will soon cost 12p a message (instead of 10p).

The next change only applies to you if you use advertised call forwarding services with numbers that begin 07 for example 07744 or 07755. These arent like normal mobile phone numbers, theyre services you can use if you want to manage your calls. From now on itll cost 40p a minute to use them from your Virgin Mobile phone. And just to let you know, if you have a bundle, these calls arent part of that.

One more thing to mention is that our 5p minimum call charge, for calls that last less than a minute, is changing to 10p. This happens from the 9th of June. But it only affects you if you make calls outside your monthly airtime package. If youd like to add a larger one or check the tariff you have is right for you, just visit

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Like what? Well, like all sorts of ways to earn free airtime, money towards your next mobile and even some free tickets to see your favourite bands. The special treatment doesnt stop there, either. You can get exclusive privileges at all sorts of places, including 20% off at TONI&GUY, a months free films from LOVEFiLM and a days paintballing for you and 7 mates on us! Its our way of saying thanks to our favourite people and letting you know how thrilled we are that youre one of us. Find out more about Crave at

Making the legal stuff simpler
Weve also re-written your terms and conditions to make them simpler and easier to understand, too. They come into effect on the 12th of May and will apply to your service from that date. Heres a quick run down of the major changes. You can read the new terms and conditions in full by clicking here.

1. Style and layout: Theyre now clearer and easier for you to follow.

2. What happens at the end of your contract term clause 3.4: Instead of switching to a bundle, youll continue to get the same great value package of minutes and texts, unless you ask us to change.

3. Use of the services - clause 4.2: Weve expanded and clarified the list of terms you must comply with in order to use our services. This now includes complying with your contractual obligations, paying your bill on time, and not using the services we provide to infringe other peoples intellectual property rights.

4. Virgin Xtras/Bites clause 4.6: Youll notice this section has disappeared; weve built some of it into the rest of the document and specific terms are available to view when you use the service.

5. Acceptable use - clause 4.10: In the future we may provide other services that are subject to an acceptable use policy. This new clause sets out details of how and why we may introduce this kind of policy.

6. Changing things - section 5: Weve clarified how and when well let you know about any changes we need to make to your agreement, the services or the charges for the services that you use.

7. Billing you - clause 6.6: Were working on ways to be kinder to the environment, so over the next few months well encourage you to switch to paperless bills. If you Pay Monthly, you can get your bill by text message or online as an e-bill. Our plan is to eventually stop sending paper bills, unless you ask us not to and pay a small administration fee. .

8. Deposits - clause 6.9: If youd like to use your phone abroad, we may ask you to pay a small deposit before you go.

9. Suspension - clause 8.2: To protect ourselves and our customers from fraudulent activity, weve expanded the list of reasons why we may suspend your use of the services. These now include: what happens if you dont keep your Direct Debit active, we suspect theres been fraudulent activity on your account, or the information youve given us is false or misleading.

10. Unlocking your phone - clause 8.6: This new clause lets you know how and when well unlock your phone. It costs £15 for each code you need and that covers the administration fee to look after it.

11. How we use your data - section 11: Now that were part of Virgin Media, youre part of something bigger. Weve brought our policies on how we look after your details in line with each other. So if youve consented to receive marketing material from us, we may share your personal details with Virgin Media and other Virgin Companies too. We wont share your details with anyone else though. That means, as well as getting offers from us, from time to time, you might receive offers from other Virgin Companies, like Virgin Atlantic. If youd rather not hear from us at all, simply talk to our team by calling 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone or write to us at Virgin Mobile, The Team, PO Box 2692, Trowbridge BA14 0WX.

12. Age restricted services - clause 12.2: This new clause sets out some restrictions in respect of how you use and access any age restricted services that may be available via your mobile phone, for example gambling.

13. Directory information - clause 12.4: We have confirmed that you have the right to have your name, address and mobile telephone number published in a telephone directory or with a directory enquiry service.

Award-winning customer service
Were not ones to blow our own trumpet, but when it comes to customer service, we put our heart and soul into giving you the best in the business. Were the only network to have won Best Customer Service for 7 years running. And were winners of the Which? Customer Service Satisfaction Survey 2007 and the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey 2007, too.

All in all, theres never been a better time to be with Virgin Mobile. Of course, as always, when we let you know about any new major changes you do have the right to cancel your Virgin Mobile service, but talk to us first!

We hope youll be with us for a long time to come.

The Virgin Mobile team
Community Updates
Does this mean someone can terminate their contract early?
I see some very tempting contract offers at three at the moment...
I dont know about that, i was looking at the t&cs the other day but cant remember.
i cant look just now as im offshore.
Thanks for posting this Saxo (and IN THE CORRECT SECTION) - unfortunately someone has decided to post again in the deals and mods have not deleted it. You should be getting the rep and heat for this as you posted first.

Have repped you!!
i got this on the 4th and jumped straight on it
Virgin just rang me and said that because i used my phone today i cant cancel because it deems that i am accepting their new terms - i said bull put me onto a manager, he couldn't get one so calling me back within an hour.
Just got a text to say that they have cancelled it so stand your ground

Virgin just rang me and said that because i used my phone today i cant … Virgin just rang me and said that because i used my phone today i cant cancel because it deems that i am accepting their new terms - i said bull put me onto a manager, he couldn't get one so calling me back within an hour.

What did you ay to them when they threw that one at you as I have just cancelled and want to be prepared
when i rang yesterday, they told me to send in a letter to say that i wanted to cancel...sent me address by phone, maybe i should try again and see who i get. i did speak to a manager aswell.

What did you say to cancel?
i've requested that they cancel mine too and i've written to them. Hope they do, i will switch to payg as i took the contract out at the beginning of March and got a brand new sony W890i

Virgin just rang me and said that because i used my phone today i cant … Virgin just rang me and said that because i used my phone today i cant cancel because it deems that i am accepting their new terms - i said bull put me onto a manager, he couldn't get one so calling me back within an hour.

That is quite laughable!

Youve used your phone because you are paying for the service and are being forced to continue until they honour your cancellation request!

If anyone ever gets these stupid responses, just be sure to get the CS rep's details - and inform them you are going to report them to Ofcom and take the matter further within the phone company. (Applies to all phone companies - not just Virgin!)
I cancelled because I struggled to get a signal where i work even though T mobile coverage checker says it was a well covered area , I didnt do it to get a new phone from them, I even offered to return the phone if needed
has anyone managed to get their contract cancelled - ive written to them but have had no response
Yipppppeeeeee.......Just got a call & text from virgin cancelling my contract...............................

I got a Sony W890i for the cost of 6 weeks line as you go ere i cum........................
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