IMPORTANT: ICE - Store emergency numbers in your mobile now!…stm >>BBC's Detailed Report on the Idea
    Hi everyone. In the wake of the London Terror attacks, there is a new national scheme called ICE to prevent missing persons when things do go wrong.

    ICE stands for 'In Case of Emergency'.

    The idea is that you store numbers in your mobile under the contact name "' ICE * " (without quotes) where * is the name of that person or their relation to you. This way emergency services can get in-touch with people you know if things do happen, no matter wat it is; a full-scale terrorist attack or collapsing at the pub.

    This idea has ALREADY spread to USA and Australia!!

    So I suggest that you get out your phones and DO IT NOW!!…stm >>BBC's Detailed Report on the Idea


    What a great idea.
    Could also be useful in non-emergencies... I have found one or two mobile phones which people have left lying around, but not wanted to just phone some random person in their phone's adress book to try to return it; this number would be useful in that situation.

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    Yep, it would. As I say, all it needs is for you to have had a knock to the head or something and go unconscious, or have a fall, and the police know exactly who to phone.

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    Bumping this back up. Makes life much easier for the emergency services.

    The only problem with this idea is if the phone gets stolen. I know one girl who had her mum listed under 'mum' (naturally enough) in the phone. Her phone got nicked and the ba$%"rds rang her mum and told her that they had her daughter and were gang raping her right now.

    Her mother was in a right state trying to find out what had happened. Fortunately, the first person she rang was the girl's best friend (who she lived with) and who knew that the phone had been nicked.

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    But that happens if you have "mum" in your phone anyway, the ICE doesn't really add to that abuse at all. :?


    But that happens if you have "mum" in your phone anyway, the ICE doesn't … But that happens if you have "mum" in your phone anyway, the ICE doesn't really add to that abuse at all. :?

    Sorry, should have made it clearer.:oops: I meant that I would never have any numbers in the phone with names that make the relationship obvious.

    thats a bit of a drastic step to take considering it is unlikely your phone will ever get stolen and even more unlikely the thiefs will want to ring up your poor mum and shout abuse at her ! but every man to his own i suppose...nICE idea btw duck, i shall change my phone book accordingly !
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