Important Info for everyone who pre ordered GTA IV from - You may not get it on day of release!

    I left pre ordering my GTA IV for PS3 a bit late and when I started looking on the 11th April, quite a few places has sold out of pre-orders for day of release.

    I in the end settled with buying from and did a few of my mates. The website mentioned:

    "Pre order now for delivery on date of release"

    However, with it being released tomorrow, I was surprised to see that tesco shows my order as in stock but not yet dispatched. So I rang them up and basically they will not be posting any copies of GTA IV out today. They will be dispatched on the release date which is tomorrow and was told I may receive it tomorrow but might be wednesday.

    Obviously i put my complaint across, saying how misleading the website was and the advisor was understanding (mentioned they had a few complaints already) but referred me to link which says 'what does that mean' on the product page which when clicked takes you to the page that states:

    pre order now for delivery on date of release.

    This product has not yet been released for sale. You can order this product now and we will dispatch it on the suppliers release date"

    So basically was told they do not guarantee delivery on day of release but will dispatch on day of release. What a con!


    It basically means they wont send it out till tomorrow
    And come on man tescos arnt a gaming coming and dont care about people getting games on release date - if you wanted that you shouda gone gameplay

    lol or gone instore?

    Original Poster

    Which ever company it is, if i see something saying:

    "Pre order now for delivery on date of release"

    I expect exactly that, not a link underneath saying actually we don't really mean delivery, we mean dispatch.

    It's only a game, but thanks for the info

    Original Poster

    Yes, i know its only a game. I'm not a hardcore gamer either but still...

    I am a hardcore gamer.

    delivery could be seen as sending out on the same day…ery
    5. the act or manner of giving or sending forth
    so preorder now for the sending forth of your item on the release day
    in all honesty it can be seen in two light
    lol sorry to bring a downer on it!

    I ordered from and they are doing the same, it will be sent tomorrow but may not arrive then, many stores are out of pre order and the stores say they will not have any tonight unless ordered, asked me to try on thursday (Game, Southend).

    Retailers are kinda stuck in the middle when it comes to postal orders on one side they have the suppliers giving them grief it arrives before the release date and then they have royalmail to deal with unless it's special delivery they can't guarentee a delivery date so do they send early to give it pleanty of time to arrive by release date and get a fine from the suppliers or send the day before and hope royalmail are having a good day if not get complaints from customers. If you are really wanting it the day it is released go to the shop my hubby will be dissapointed if it doesn't arrive tomorrow but he know the reality of buying online rather than instore

    From reading the above, shouldn't you change the title to you WILL not get it on the day of release. Not aware of any postal service from Jersey that will deliver on the day of posting...

    Original Poster

    Looks like I was proved wrong

    Got e-mail saying it had been dispatched at around 10pm last night and was delivered this morning


    tesco are just fully a load of ****. i ordered time crisis for the ps3 about 6 months ago and they couldnt deliver n day of release. im geting it on 5th or 6th of may.

    I got my wii fit on release day. It wasn't dispatched until about this time the day before so you never know.

    Looks like I was proved wrongGot e-mail saying it had been dispatched at … Looks like I was proved wrongGot e-mail saying it had been dispatched at around 10pm last night and was delivered this morning

    All that ranting for nothing

    well i didnt get mine, and the date of despatch has gone back to saturday :?

    if i had known, i would have got in a queue last night.
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