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Found 23rd Nov 2009
Hi guys,

Here is some advice and guidance for you if you ever receive or are told to call Natwest / RBS collections.

I have just left working for Natwest / RBS collections and I am sure youll find this information very useful.

The aim of collections is to retrieve the monies that are owed by you if you go over your overdraft limit or if you account is dormant.

Excess account
E.g. If your overdraft limit is £2000 and your current balance is £2500 collections is only concerned with getting you back to your £2000 overdraft limit and will try and get £500 off you.

Dormant account
E.g. if you have not used your account within 3 months it become dormant.

When you deal with a collections customer advisor they will ask you for an immediate credit or debit card payment for the outstanding excess.

Obviously you will need to pay back the money you owe to the bank to stop any long term legal action but here are some useful things you should know:

If you have a dormant account particularly students who have taken advantage of the interest free overdraft and subsequently not used the account since, the collections advisor will ask for the whole sum of the overdraft to be paid back immediately. You do not have to do this! To activate a dormant account (as long as you are within your overdraft limit) you can pay in as little as £5. So dont be forced into paying any large amounts a £5 payment will activate your account.

Another thing you should know is that each collections customer advisor is under pressure to hit their targets. They will negotiate any form of payment with you so they can put it in their deal chart. So when negotiating any payment plan or loan, use this to your advantage, this is how:

Each collections advisory can refund / waiver £114 worth of charges on 1 account as a gesture of good will or bank error. So for example if your overdraft is £1000 and your current balance is £1056 they will ask you for a payment of £56 and including any further charges may sum up to £80 for example. Now that you know they have £114 discretionary limit you can say to them if you refund me £114, I will then be prepared to make you a full card payment of £80. They will um and arr but they will agree because they need to hit their targets and any form of card payments is the most valuable target - In this example you have actually made £34 !!

There is allot more information I can provide but the above points are the most significant so if you have any questions please post and I will gladly try and answer them.

I do apologise to those customers I hassled and threatened; I did find my job uneasy and ultimately was one of the factors that led me to my departure.
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If folk borrow money, they should pay it back - but you're right, the folk calling should follow the relevant guidance and keep the customer informed.
Helpful advise Danny_d, thanks

Henpful advise Danny_d, thanks

Try again mate. :lol:
Edi has CLEARLY been on the pop!
Eagle eyes ............. :friends:
Very useful information. Just received a warning letter about my dormant student account. I've activated it as above but paid in £200. I'd rather see it start to decrease as I'm not even a student anymore (and haven't been for well over a year). Why they don't upgrade me to a graduate account, I'll never know!
Hi my account been blocked by collections is this because I tried useing it and I dint have the funds
Hi my account been blocked by collections is this because I tried useing it and I dint have the funds
Hi there I had a account with 387 od in it it was taken to the colletion sheme I know have to pay 10 for the next 9 months of 90 pound in tottal they said they will refund me the rest the charges have know be taken of the over account but still ain't revived no payment? When will I recive it?
Urgent answer pls. I got a loan for 20 grand and I've pay them monthly well until an unusual thing happened therefore i got the money two or three days later but they didn't collected, since then letters coming up. One day they decided cancelled (18 YRS) my account meanwhile the next money payment tried to get them but was return to me now no account to deposit the money loan monthly can't get them, I called them and they could't get my papers meanwhile another month without pay it's no a good thing. What could i do please if Nat west. turning to bit me.
Thanks a lot
Hi can you help me? Ive been getting charged 25odd every month for last 3-4 months, a fraud related activity was on my account last month which took my account overdrawn quickly i rang natwest and they refunded the money for me then at end of this month charged me £90? How is that atall fair?
Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have been receiving letters from natwest collections and I have now cleared my excess with them. What I would like to know is that on the back of my letter it shows a breakdown of all my accounts. If I have so much money in any of those accounts but the excess is £0,then does this mean that these accounts are ok and that is money available and not owed?
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