Importing a 17KG box from USA to UK? suggestions?


I wish to purchase a DVD carousel from amazon.com as it is unavailable in the EU. However, amazon will not ship it directly to me.
Any ideas how I can do this? I guess FromUS2EU.com as admin suggested, but I can see the delivery charge being horrific
I am going to NY in January..so I guess I could purchase it, get it delivered to the hotel, and then bring it on flyzoom at a premium?

The item is only £100..so I dont want to spend anotehr £100 on shipping, as the customs will be £30 no doubt too.

Help.. please :thumbsup:

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At worst.,. I can bring it home for free on flyzoom.
Premium Economy = 2 PCS - 30 kg (66lbs) total per passenger.
That will be perfect for my return flight Outbound is just economy

But if I can do it before..it would be great. Not flying until January, and they will sell out knowing my luck
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