Importing a Korean phone (LG V30)

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I’m considering buying the LG V30 from WondaMobile as it’s the only place I can get the Lavender version (yes, I know it’s daft, but I want a pretty phone!). Does anyone know what limitations a phone from Korea will have in the UK? They’ve told me that wireless charging won’t work and that there will be 4 Korean LG Apps that I won’t be able to uninstall, but is there anything else I’m unaware of? I travel a lot and use my phone in the US and Australia, I’m concerned I might experience problems roaming? (I’m on Three Network in the UK and use ‘Feel at Home’). Will I be able to use any standard USB-C charger with it or will there be voltage issues?

This is the link to the full spec…tml

Really appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

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You need to look at the network bands the phone can do and see if they correspond to what you would use when in the US etc. I bought a V20 a few months ago from China and it works with all the bands EE use over here, but the signal I get it absolutely abysmal, no idea if it's the specific phone or what.
If you verified that it has the bands 3 use in the UK, it will work on 3 roaming abroad as the bands in the US or Australia have to be compatible with the 3 UK ones for you to roam in those countries on that network.

As for the charger... My sister got a Taiwanese model and charged it fine with her own chargers so I don't think there are issues with that.
I have an American Motorola E 2nd Gen and I don't have issues charging it with a UK charger.
Just buy a phone with a lavender case.
USB is a universal standard (that's what the U is for in fact), there aren't any regional variations there.
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