Found 24th Jan 2008
Hey everyone, I have recently found what I feel is a good wholesale/dropshipper of perfumes/skincare/makeup products, and I feel that buying to make a profit would be a realistic idea.

However - I have no clue how much import duties/taxes I would pay, as the company is based in the US.

Am I correct in believing that anything under £17 is not subject to taxes? (Is this figure just product value - or product value + p+p?)

Has any one got some links so I can wise up?

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Below £18... not including p&p... that's all I know...

You will have to pay vat of 17.5% on top + duty (not sure how this is calculated, but varies depending on the products imported). You would usually have to pay these at the time when the parcels are delivered. It's difficult to find anything useful online about the rates of duty but HM Revenue & Customs have a tel. no. you can call to get the code classification of your goods & the cost of duty. Customs Classification Unit tel. 01702 366077 or the HM Revenue & Customs advice line tel. 0845 010 9000.

Some wholesale companies can pay the vat & duties for you in advance & add the charge onto the bill (especially in the case of large companies that send alot of things abroad), so it's worth checking if the company you're thinking of using can do this.

Some products are exempt from the tax & duty which includes books, educational stuff & a few other things (and also all parcels under £18 of value).

Bearing in mind the cost of importing & the time it takes to get things through customs it might work out cheaper to find a more expensive wholesaler in the UK.
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