Impossible task.

Found 27th Oct 2017
Me and the wife do some running and walking, whilst she has the proper running gear, she wears the totally wrong gear for walking don't know how many times she has been crippled with blisters due to wrong footwear or soaked through or too warm with wrong jackets which spoils the walks. I've suggested proper walking boots and jacket for her Xmas and being the typical woman comes away with they are all ugly. So some help needed to find suitable walking boots and jacket that aren't ugly, she is 34 and slim if it helps. Thanks.
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i would have to agree to her. these stuff are seriously ugly, especially the walking boots. they make you look like a builder or a cartoon character!

the walking jackets i can live with but not the boots. i would never wear them. i find running trainers are the best for walking long distances. they are just as comfy but they won't last as long, but i would rather renew them when they need renewing than have to wear those horrible walking boots.

your best bet is to take her to the shops and let her choose something that she can live with else she won't wear them. if my husband buys clothes for me, i would definitely not wear it!
She wouldn't wear anything from mountain warehouse. Managed to sort the jacket out she likes a 3 in 1 from joules, but she ain't budging on the boots, so might have to resort to something like ankle ugg boots not ideal but should be better than what she has
Leave her at home and go walking/running with a friend = problem solved ;).
.MUFC.5 h, 25 m ago

Leave her at home and go walking/running with a friend = problem solved ;).

Nah not going to happen for two reasons I enjoy my wife's company more than anyone elses plus she's a hell of lot easier on the eye than my mates.
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