Improve Mobile Signal?

Posted 5th Mar
Any easy way to improve mobile reception?

At work I have terrible reception. It’s due to the material used for the roof of the building which apparently disrupts the signal. If I walk outside the building, I get full bars and excellent 4G speeds.

Inside the building I get 1 bar and if someone calls me they cant hear me.

I’m with BT, and have tried a Signal Assist Box but it wont work as my workplace have blocked the ports it uses.
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awjh05/03/2020 13:39

One issue using these is they still expect you to have some sort of half decent signal up to 3 bars before fitting for it to work. I have one bar, sometimes no bars at my house so rely on wi-fi calling / volte calling.
Open the chat and have a word with them.. I just followed the link and they gave me a £590 option to boost the signal where I only currently get 0-1 bars outside.
Weve just bought one for work to cover 600sqm, says it boosts from 1 bar to 5 bars.
Is it the same for all networks?
Worth having a word with IT?
I was with bt about 2yr ago. Signal inside was always shockingly poor.
Moved to sky mobile which is basically O2. Never had any problems inside buildings yet.
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