Improve WiFi/router or create a decent home network set up

Posted 5th Nov 2020
Apologies for what maybe a simple topic, but I have no idea about tech besides basic computer skills and kids are a little too young to be messing with this kind of stuff yet.

Basically, I have a stand fibre broadband package with TalkTalk (I get around 21mb according to speed test). I have their standard router hub that comes as part of fibre, which is current hidden behind a shoe cupboard lying flat on its front (Google advice has told me to take it from behind all and have it up right to maximise some kinds of band signal) however WiFi can be patchy at times, and now with working from home alot more and potentially a new games console coming for the kids for Xmas, I think my WiFi needs a little help (kick up the bum). I mean, even my ring door bell struggles and by the time I connect to the app even from indoors, whoever was at the door is long gone

Someone at work told me to buy a premium router and just plug that in instead, and then wire up the console and computer so they don't incur any lag or dropout, and maybe buy a powerly?
Would this be a good idea and to remove the other and just put a new one in (any recommendations would be a bonus and I can then keep my eye out for one)

Basically is there any advice on any upgrades I could do to the set up to get the best out of my Internet, and build a sufficient home network?
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