Improving wireless range in house

    Hi miscers,
    So at present I've got a sky sagem wireless box (notoriously poor range) upstairs and the signal is good in all but the 3 rooms at the back of the house.
    Don't have the option of moving the router due to plug/phone line placement in rest of house. So was wandering what you would recommend?

    Have looked at range extenders and homeplugs? Am I right in thinking any devices would have to be plugged in homeplug in order to get internet access?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    The easiest option is the homeplug. You need one for the router and one for each device you intend to use (unless you are happy with moving the homeplug). My main computer is on the third floor of my house and so the wireless signal is poor. The homeplug works great.

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    Just an update for anyone else looking to do something similar. I went for the TP- Link WA701ND in the end and have set in universal repeater mode which allows me to extend the wireless to laptops in two rooms that were previously unreachable as well as connecting the Sky box by LAN in order to get Sky Anytime+. Would definitely recommend - setup was a bit frustrating at time but got there in the end so if anyone needs any help I might be able to assist you.
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