In a contract can i get out of it or get a i phone cheaply

Hi im looking at getting a iphone but im not illegible for a upgrade, I am 13 months into a 24 month contract and have 11 months left the web site wont let me upgrade.
If i ring and ask to leave ie buy the contract out and threaten to go to another network do you think they would let me have a upgrade, Any advice on what to do would be great or if any one knows where i can buy a cheap iphone.


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'13months into a 11month contract and have 11months left'

My maths isn't great, but...

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Meant 24 months :-)


'13months into a 11month contract and have 11months left'My maths isn't … '13months into a 11month contract and have 11months left'My maths isn't great, but...

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I dont want to be let of, Just want a upgrade which you can pay for with some networks half way through your contract.


No, what would the point of a contract be if they just let you off.

Just buy an iphone off ebay and put your simcard into it and sell your old phone. Simple.

im not illegible for a upgrade

lol, they wont give you an upgrade because they cant read your writing? Thats a bit harsh!
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just wait 11 months and upgrade properly, of course the website wont let you upgrade now, i take it that part is a joke?

buy a cheapo phone for now, in 11 months there will be better phones out than the current iphone and you'll probably get one free

or as suggested buy an iphone on ebay if you really can't wait, waste of money buying out your contract after 13 months

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If you have nothing better to do than take the mickey out of Dyslecic people then you obviously have a sad sad life, Please dont bother saying any thing if it is not of use and get a life.


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