in aberdeen where can i get a cr2032 batery. for a dell pc!

    motherboard battery is on the way out and it needs a new one its cr2302.

    any one know were locallyi can get one as pc world cant seem to find any

    have argso. poundland, siansburys near hand


    you should be able to get one of these in your local tesco express they should be located behind the tills

    Arent these just standard flat lithium batteries? You should be able to get these anywhere, I got a packet of them from the pound shop. Failing that then any electrical shop will have them. Cheers.

    PM me your address and i will send you one

    Damn, i need to update my avatar


    Tesco sell em

    Don't you mean a CR2032?

    I think I've got a couple kicking about. I'll have a look and confirm.


    Sorry have a bunch of CR2025 & CR2016, but no 2032 :cry:

    bought a few at local chemists when i've been stuck, i believe these are used in some hearing aids

    I'm in Aberdeen, can take one to work with me (ARI) and leave it for you to collect if you wish
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