In car adpater for hair straighteners!

Found 31st May 2008
Bit of a strange one, more of a joke present really.

My partner is always using her straighteners and from time to time and it sometimes makes us late! I was thinking is it possible to get an in car adpater for them? Kind of like a cigarette light with a plug end haha. They are GHD's.

Had a quick browse but couldn't find much! Any ideas, let me know!

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you can get an inverter that changes 12volts upto 240volts but thre is a limit on amps.not sure if inverter will have enough for straighteners but i would guess so
yeah you will need to check the current that the hair thingies draw and get an inverter to match, suspect it won't be cheap
Did't they used to make gas powered hair curlers etc? think my sister had a braun gadget run on gas
i don't know if its national but my local tesco extra have been selling inverters for £10 for the last few months. not sure of the rating on them but they may suffice.
lol out of curiosity i went and checked my gf's kit it was 33 watt so a cheapie inverter may just do
i'd guess even the cheapest of inverters should manage 33w

i'd guess even the cheapest of inverters should manage 33w

yeah i was really surprised at how low that is i expected 1kw or more tbh, her hair drier is 2kw lol
Or you could be really nice and buy her a pair of portable rechargeable straighteners she can use anywhere :thumbsup:

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