In car cassette adaptor?

Found 17th Apr 2008
Hey everyone, just got a new car but unfortunately it only has cassette/radio combo :-( im looking for an adaptor for it so i can use cd or mp3 player in the car. In argos these are £9.97, now i dont know if its just me but this seems a bit steep so i was wondering if anyone can find me a cheaper one?

Its a dummy cassette which has a lead to the headphone jack of a mp3/cd player etc.

Thanks in advance :-)
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I got my son a couple from Poundland they're not always in stock but are there most of the time.
Yes but are the pound land ones much cop ?? iv got a few of these ready for when they become hard to get... they were about £4 then , use them all the time, as can play my mp3 + mini disc, etc in the car or van.. may check these cheapo ones out.. mart
poundland ones are very basic, they dont give a great sound but they do function non the less - and for £1 even if its rubbish, it really doesnt matter much
Have you considered using an FM transmitter such as this one at ]ebuyer.
Plug it into your cig. lighter and tune your radio into the frequency displayed. Then connect your ipod, CD, you can even save tracks on a memory stick and play them through it.
Similar things are available on the high street or very cheaply from dealextreme/LED Shoppe etc.

They are great.
Well, i bought one from Tesco which cost £9.99, it used to click all the time it was being used and eventually stopped working, it didn't last nowhere near as long as the ones from the pound shop cost, i got my son a few as back up and they're still in the drawer
looked in the pound shop and 99p shop today but with no luck!
I got this one from deal extreme a few months ago; my car stereo isn't very good either though, so can't really comment on quality, but is perfect for me, but is so much better than the FM transmitter my friend bought, which hurts my ears to listen to, and he keeps having to move it around to get a good sigal...
dealextreme.com/det…599 £2.30ish
that one above looks great just what i need, it says it ships in 1-3 days but if i ordered , say tomorrow, roughly when would it arrive? does it take long?
I have ordered quite a few things from them, on average i would say about a week, although i did have one thing that took a month!
Our local Tesco's (Trowbridge) had some for 97p the other week, might be worth checking your local one out.

I bought mine on Ebay for about £2 including P&P a few years ago and it's been fine.
You can't rely on anything arriving from Deal Extreme in less than a month. It's just a bonus if you get it sooner.
they are £5 in woolies
Picked up two from pound land.. always worth getting while you still can... as i use them in works van.. for playing mini disc + mp3..etc. Pound land still have more in.. Tesco were £6
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