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Found 2nd Feb 2006
HI, I am looking at DVD in car stuff. Does anyone know of any good deals including fitting to a volvo v70?
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Hi Keefrto,

Have a look at the options here:-


It might not be the answer, but it does start you on the right path - I hope.

ta very much. looking specifically at the roof mounted one's
is the price shown to include fitting?
Your welcome,

The price does not include fitting, but I can ask the question with my Installation engrs who would come to you to do the job - you can then speak to your local Auto elec or car audio dealer and compare prices.

Would need to know the following:

Town, City or postcode

Year of car

Do you require headphones

Do you want the option of having sound through the vehicle speakers see this link:-


If you find other solutions, I am more than happy to guide you through.


My husband really wants dvd players in the headrests of our car, I am not of the same opinion however but could come round. However, we have 3 children so would need 3 sets of headrests, before I even contemplate to agree is this possible? Car is a BMW X5.
Hi bizzy,

Hear is an option that we have fitted to the X5:-


The beauty of these is the plug & Play facillity, although the have to be fitted by a pro, you do not have to cut into the existing Headrests. When you are ready to sell the car, you can either take them out and use them in your next car or you can sell them as an optional extra to the new owner and get some money back on them.

There are a million things you can do all at a price:-
PS2 for games or DVD through one screen Digital TV tuner through the other Sunvisor monitor up front either for you or your husband etc etc.

I dont mean to confuse you any more than neccessary but if I can help you make up your mind then let's have a go.

Firstly sorry to keefrto for hijacking your post!

Have had a look and that looks good, but can you only use 2 pairs of headphones ie one in each screen, with 3 kids this would start arguments straight away.

How much is fitting approx, year of car is October 2001, and we are between Rugby and Northampton, nearer to Rugby.

Also what is the extra cost to add the facility of PS2 adaptor etc and to have the option to hear it on the normal speakers in the car.

Itsnot aproblem bizzy!
Iceblue - post code is AB51 7LG, 2005 MODEL and yes to the headphones please. would need 3 but overhead monitor would be fine
Hi Keefrto,

The price would be 100 + Vat.

3 x Infra red headphones + Transmitter £59.90 (It depends wether the roof monitor includes headphones? Is it this one:-

3 x Philips FM Headphones £109

3 x Wired Headphones 7 Splitter £14


If it is, an extra set will be £20
Hi Bizzy,

See prices on all the headphone options above.

You can use an audio splitter cable and have two sets out of one monitor so all three kids will be happy. I asked for an install price and they failed to come back to me I shall take a guess @ £140 + Vat (could be cheaper) excluding the PS2, If you go for the PS2 option you would have to supply it, you would then have to purchase a car specific PS2 Power adaptor £49 - another Hours labour I would think would cover it.

You will now be able to go to your local auto electrical specialist (who may have done this kind of install) or local car audio specialist and ask them for a price.

We would come to you to fit.

Keep asking I am more than happy to respond.

Hi Bizzy,

My engineers came back to me and you will be glad to here that the install without PS2 would be £120 + Vat, and with £140 + Vat.

Hope this helps you with your choices.

Hi Iceblue, sorry for not at least acknowledging price earlier. Can you price me a good quality DVD player but not in headrest/or roof. I think i could be better off taking unit with me when we stay in a hotel etc.
Oh yes and I need 3 head phones as I have 3 kids in back!
Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal?
I would like to buy it if this is a good deal
ANy good?

Tech Lux Duo Multi Region Tablet Style 7" Twin Screen In Car DVD Player

Product Overview

Twin screen DVD system with large 7 inch widescreen LCD/TFT monitors, which are ultra-slim for a neat fit. The whole thing powers from one cigar lighter socket, so there is virtually no set-up time required.

The Tech Lux Duo is good quality In-Car Entertainment, with one 7" 16:9 LCD TFT colour monitor and a tablet style DVD player and one subsidiary 7" TFT LCD Screen. The LCD TFT monitors come with their own ‘easy-fit' headrest fixing system for mounting them quickly and easily to the rear of either a passenger or driver's seat headrest. A set of headphones is also provided with each monitor, incorporating its own independent volume control, although there are also built-in speakers.
Product Features

* 1 Main 7" TFT LCD screen with intergrated DVD player
* 1 subsidiary 7" TFT LCD Screen
* Headrest fixing system
* CD-Y Split cable
* RCA Cable
* 2 Earphones
* Technical Specifications
* DVD, CD, JPEG, CD-R, CD-RW compatible
* Built in digital decoder
* Headphone output
* Audio video output
* 2 x 7" 16:9 TFT LCD screens

£117.49 inc VAT and Free Shipping
Hi, have had a quick squint at the above and it does look good, however the voyager system has both units with a dvd player i.e dual play or independent films, also 2 remote controls and is mulit-region so I am still thinking for an extra £80 odd quid am still persuaded towards the voyager unless....
Hi, off to but the voyager today unless there is a better deal out there?
WELL, got the voyager and its the dog's . thanks for all peeps helping
hi i got dvd voyarger for sale loads bits with it top of the range two lots headsets remote control etcinstructions no one seems to no what they are mine 150.00 if any one interested
Hi I have a ford s max titanium and would like a dvd fitted into head rests could you give me quote please
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