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    Whats the best value way to get functional in car wifi for all the family? What devices do you all recommend and what data sims are the best bargains. thank you for reading


    The best value would probably be to tether to your existing mobile phone but that would depend on the data package you have and will obviously go in and out of coverage

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    i've been doing that but i don't have enough data on my contract for the 4 kids to use and it seams very slow to use my phone as a hotspot. So kinda looking for something a bit more functional

    Buy a new ford

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    Buy a new ford

    Unless they start to make make a 6 seater like the honda crv it is not an option. I need 6 seats and like the full sized boot of the crv you dont get with most mpv

    You would need to go for a dongle/in-car data. Like the EE Buzzard or Huawei, these can be quite expensive.
    Again you would need to look for a data sim might be worth looking here:…975…hly
    40GB data £27.00 a month…B03
    15GB Data 24 month contract £18 a month

    Try and work out how much data you need

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    I have a mifi and buy a 3 gig data sim off eBay for a tenner

    I've got old samsung s4 and I'm using pay as you go "3" sim with £25 add on which gives me real unlimited data for 30 days. tethering with no problems since I've started year ago sometimes to 5-6 devices. sky go, YouTube etc 60-80 GB/month. I'm taxi driver so handy for me and customers.

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    are the dongles/buzzard ect faster than the phones seam to be .. i tried the tethering option (made my sony z3 a hotspot ) and just found it was really slow for the kids even in 4g areas.. sim wise im kinda limited to deals from ee (or anyone else who uses their network like bt mobiles) because they EE is the only ones to have decent coverage here so I'm limited in that sense.. it finding the right wifi device I'm less confident about.
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