In Case You Get Email from any American Sites.....

    This was sent to me by my brother, may be worth watching out for.......

    During the next several weeks be VERY cautious about opening or launching any e-mails that refer to the World Trade Center or 9/11 in any way, regardless of who sent it. PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW, "WTC" STANDS FOR THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. REALLY DANGEROUS BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL OPEN IT RIGHT AWAY, THINKING ITS A STORY RELATING TO 9/11!

    BIGGGG TROUBLE !!!! DO NOT OPEN "WTC Survivor" It is a virus that will erase your whole "C" drive.. It will come to you in the form of an E-Mail from a familiar person. I repeat, a friend sent it to me, but called and warned me before I opened it. He was not so lucky and now he can't even start his computer!

    Forward this to everyone in your address book. I would rather receive this 25 times than not at all. So, if you receive an email called "WTC Survivor", do not open it. Delete it right away! This virus removes all dynamic link libraries (.dll files) from your computer.


    - acecatcher3


    [color=darkblue]I know it's always best to be careful, but this is a hoax e-mail:[/color]

    [color=blue]CLICK HERE - WTC HOAX[/color]

    The best advice is to not open any e-mail attachment directly from an e-mail. Save the attachment somewhere until you are sure you know it's safe [from the source you'd trust...]. Scan it with your anti virus programme if you can.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that info.

    This type of hoax actally acts like a virus, instead of a real virus sending out loads of emails to everyone in sight, these hoax ones are intended to do just the same, by getting peeps to flood the net with emails warning everyone & often getting them to do something distructive!

    Note: There are many hoax's, a friend of mine got an email, he was warned about a nasty worm/trogen, so he checked his system, & low & behold this file of this particular name was there, he began to panic, so he then deleted the file as the email had discribed, the only problem was, it was really a legit system file, he had to hunt around to replace it in the end (all systems have this file)

    Some people get a real kick out of writing these hoax emails :roll:

    Rayman, I didn't know it was possible to put attachments somewhere else and then scan them with a virus scan. How do I do that? :?:

    Trekbabe, thank you for the warning. Even though it turned out to be a hoax, it's nice to know you are looking out for us.


    Rayman, I didn't know it was possible to put attachments somewhere else … Rayman, I didn't know it was possible to put attachments somewhere else and then scan them with a virus scan. How do I do that? :?:

    It depends on your e-mail settings as to how you save attachments. With Outlook Express it's easy to find.

    If you look in the top right hand corner of the message subject, there's a small paperclip icon. Providing you don't have OE set up to not let you open attachments, you should be able to click on the paperclip using the left mouse button. Two options should show up "save attachment" or an icon that you can click on to open the attachment from the message [not really a good idea if you're unsure of the attachment.].

    When you click on "save attachment", you will be presented with the "save attachments" box. There is an option to "browse" that is for saving in a location of your choice. If you just click on "save", the default folder it saves to is "My Documents". Remember the name of the saved attachment.

    Once done, go into the folder where the attachment's saved. Most anti virus programmes, have the feature that allows you to right click on the attachment, then click on the "scan [name of attachment]"

    Basically it's that easy. Avast anti virus, has incoming + outgoing active virus scanning for e-mails. If that setting is on, every time you download or send an e-mail, it'll warn you of suspicious or definite viruses.

    Thank you for that Rayman. I tried it and it works. I've learned something new.

    You're welcome!

    Pleased you could understand my explanation so quickly
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