In desperate need of cheering up!

My Little brother has split up with his fiancee and they have the most gorgeous baby boy together who is only 10 months old. She has moved out today and taken everything and he is broken. I feel so bad for them and its hit me nearly as hard as them! I remember what is was like when the same happened to me when my daughter was 2 and im nearly as depressed as he is!! Please Cheer me up someone before take to my bed for a few days and stay there


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"But I always get it here," says the blonde.
"Do you have the container it comes in?"
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She returns with the container and hands it to the chemist who looks at it
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Its hard but it could have been worse and at least there is only 1 child involved
think of it this way, iyts what always gets me through

I'm sure your brother will sooner or later be happier than ever xxx

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:giggle:thanks skusey

I'm sorry, I'm not very good a cheering people up. I'm sorry to hear your bad news, it must be really horrible for you all x


kitty if your brother is at home spend some more time with him... cheer eachother up...

my brother split up with his gf a while ago but when he's alone he always second guesses himself...

At least he's got big sis (big bum) there for him.
Don't know if that's good or bad tho :?

Who knows what the future holds for anyone, take him out, get drunk and have fun :thinking:

i agree with owlass at least he's got you there for him and you can totally understand what he's going through hope things work out for you all :thumbsup:

they might just find some time apart will sort things out so just be there for him, as he was, I suspect for you, time heals also, as you probably already know - good luck and think positive, there is a beautiful little boy and he is well and things could be a lot worse

ah, man thats tough....feel for him I really do, I hope they can sort it out....its even harder with a kid, can I assume she took the baby....I would cope better if I kept my girls....wish him well from me (it won't mean anything I know, but its about all I can do)....oh, and if other peoples pain cheers you up, stubbed my little toe yesterday and tore the nail in half, my toe has gone purple and black, and I have stubbed it three times missus thinks it is hilarious.

Your Free E Magazine thread is now a hot 129 degrees…th/

Have your brother round for a Sunday Roast, spoil him rotten, sit down after and watch a Comedy DVD and forget how bad the world can be !

Peace and happiness

You will probably know that my daughter has been left to rear 3 children after her husband left her 2 weeks ago.
It is so devastating for everyone when this happens but just be there for your brother and listen to him.
As others have said, they could get back together so try to keep everything calm.
Believe me, I know what you are going through and send my love to you and your brother. xxx

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Thanks for all your comments guys, really appreciated:-D

Hope you are feeling a lot better today P.K.

Keep smiling, peace and happiness to all

Have only just come across this thread, so sorry, it must be really horrible for you all, keep strong and be there for your brother as you obviously already are.

Take care :friends: xxx

kitty hugs...its gonna be hard.. stay strong.... this is a time when family is so important for ur brother as well
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