in ear earphones not cx-300

    Hi my 2nd pair of cx-300 went bad so no longer want them any more. i had a look at the shure e2c but they have gone up to around £50 now. most i really want to spend is about £35.



    How about the ]official apple ipod in-ear headphones? £25

    The official apple ipod in-ear headphones have really good drivers in them.
    The only thing that lets them down are the earpieces which are poorly designed and they just fall out of your ears.
    However, if you still have the earpieces from your cx-300's then they will fit onto the apple headphones and the sound will be excellent.

    I had a pair for over a year and highly recommend them (with non factory earpieces).

    But use them less now because I recently upgraded to a pair of red ]v-moda vibes - really nice!

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    hi, dont really want the apple headphones due to them being white. even though i wont be using them on a ipod it just makes you stand out more.

    I had a look at those v-moda vibes and saw i can get them from john lewis for £59. i have a £25 jl voucher and with the £20 i will get back for the cx 300 i could get the vibes for £14.

    just need to see how they compare to the shure e2c.

    cx300s are awesome, I lost mine, though - so is anything better for same price?
    sorry to barge into the thread

    Here's an in depth review of the Vibes:…es/

    And comparing the Shure SE110s (replacement for the e2c which are no longer in production) to the Vibe Duo (same as the Vibes but with a microphone for the iPhone):…es/

    In short:


    Overall, the latest Vibe Duo retains its prior general recommendation and … Overall, the latest Vibe Duo retains its prior general recommendation and B+ rating, based on its cool styling, nice frills, and reasonable pricing, while the Shure SE110 falls sort of our recommendation levels based on what we feel to be relatively unimpressive sound, size, and features for the price. If you’re a fan of Shure products, we’d advise you to look upmarket to the SE210 instead; otherwise, consider less expensive and better-performing options such as Jays’ d-JAYS and the Vibes.

    It's the reason I went for the Vibes over the e2c's (even when amazon were selling them for £29 last year).
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