In ear headphones - recommendations please.

Found 17th Sep 2017
Hey y'all

I'm after some in ear head phones, preferably with plenty of bass.
Bluetooth not required
inline controls not a must
these don't need to be for sports.
I will be using these on plane trips/morning walks to pick up my car after a boozy night out etc.
I'm willing to spend up to £50

Anybody with 1st hand (or ear) experience and would like to share their opinion will be highly regarded by myself.

Many thanks

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I have Betron YSM1000's (you buy them on Amazon). They are brilliant.

-They have noise cancelling and very little noise leaking at high volumes (and that's only if you're in the absolute quiet and dead of night or something. Low background noise and you can't hear them at all. When they're not high volume you can't hear them whatsoever no matter the background noise.

-The music quality is identical to my Skullcandy Hesh 2's (wireless version). I honestly do not notice a difference, and they are double the price.

-They have microphone and a remote, which I know you said you didn't need but if you've always had earphones that don't have a remote then you have been missing out.

-My previous Betrons still work and are 100% fine and I've had them for almost 2 years and I used them a lot.

-They come with a little magnetic bag that comes with a earphone clip to clip them onto something, and spare earbuds
KZ ZST (bought them on Gearbest took 2 weeks to arrive),

-Noise cancelling, can barely hear anything else, pretty much what Dolphinzz above said.

-Bass is amazing and surpised me for £10

-Mids & Lows aren't the best, guess the bass makes up for it

-Has a mic and button to pause and skip music, haven't found many earphones with buttons that work on my Honor 7, but these do!

-Feels good, doesn't hurt my ears after a few hours of use, doesn't fall out of my ears because of the wire

-Detachable wire is great for when the wire eventually wears out, saves me from having to buy the earphones again. Can purchase the wire separately

-Wire has this black almost like shrink wrap coating towards the end (close to the ears), which holds its position and lets you mold it to however you want. Personally I wrap it around the top of my ear.
Rock zircon
Stock Samsung earphones from amazon . Unboxed they come for £2 new. Being so cheap, they are great quality and have mic and controls , etc
Shure SE215. Someone has posted an Amazon warehouse deal for just over £50. Well worth it in my opinion. I own these I couldn't recommend them enough.
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