In ear headphones wanted

    I have just bought a new Creative 60gb Vision M mp3 player and I am looking at upgrading the headphones that are supplied. I am after the "in ear" kind, I know they could be classed as earphones but you get what I am after.

    I am not looking at spending a silly amount of money but around the 20 pounds bracket, maybe a couple of pounds more if the pair are exceptional.

    I have looked at some Sennheiser ones online, but they had mixed reviews, so I thought I would ask on here, I would also like to say, I have Googled and the reason I am asking on here is for recommendations. It is not being lazy or not bothering to do anything for myself, as I have had a look about. It is just that you always seem to get someone say, try google, but that does not help me to know if they are any good.

    Thanks to anyone that can help.


    I say this EVERY time, but for the money (and for quite a bit more cash too) you will not get better than the Sennheiser CX300's.…8-1 Amazon are now selling them for £10.99, so you'll need to add something to get free delivery, but even adding the delviery charge on, they are the best in ear phones around.

    Watch out for the fakes though (so avoid the cheap ebay/marketplace versions).

    Jesus, £10.99 is a crazy price for these. They're brilliant headphones.

    £15.97 from Amazon, thats a marketplace seller you've listed.

    Well, that'll teach me for not clicking the link. I did wonder why the 'fake' comment was in that post.

    £15.97 is still a great price for the quality of these headphones. I've paid £30 for some in the past and they haven't been as good.
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