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    Hi guys

    I have been looking to purchase inearphones, been impressed by xiaomi hybrids as dicussed here in the past. They have recently launched pro version which would cost around 23 pounds from gearbest.

    Any one who may have bought above or has any advice. I am also conidetinf purchasing set from amazon around same price mark, if of good quality, looking for recomendations. The advantage from amaon would be warranty and returns.

    Can you pls help, thanks


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    I just buy buds with top reviews. Bought mostly off Amazon but I do have a pair of xiaomi buds still in box bought off aliexpress. Was posted here on forum a few months back. I kill buds so they don't last me 6 months. I have tried many and they all sound a little different. Use a free equaliser app on phone will help get a better. I have bought good sounding buds for £4 but also some bad ones. Just have fun trying them but anything will do as long as you read ok reports about them. I won't pay more than £25 though. What's the point.

    I dont have these, but I havent had anything duff from Xiaomi yet; their full sized cans are a bargain.

    In ear phones really depend on the shape of your ear, so what one person will rave about, another will say are rubbish, if they dont sound good after 10-12 hours run in, try out a variety of different rubber tips before deciding it is the phones.

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    thanks for the advice
    wonder if there is more ...
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