In need of a decent gaming mouse

    Could anyone recommend a good gaming mouse?

    I'm not looking for anything over the top, the cheaper the better really.

    I'm not a huge gamer but my £2 unbranded mouse's scrollwheel is a nightmare and the crosshair on FPS games 'dances' around


    Razer copperhead :thumbsup:

    Logitech G9

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    My initial reaction is "a bit pricey". £30 seems to be the going rate for one of those.

    Am I best sticking to eBuyer budget mice? I don't think I could justify paying £30 for a mouse!

    i dunno, if you want it for gaming you'll want a relatively high dpi sensor.. (the G9's goes up to 3200, which is admittedly excessive, at least for my usage!) consider also the reliability of cheaper mice, with decent gaming mice you'll get a pretty extensive warranty..

    doubt ur willing to pay £20 for the razer mousemat to go with the coppehead

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    doubt ur willing to pay £20 for the razer mousemat to go with the … doubt ur willing to pay £20 for the razer mousemat to go with the coppehead

    £20 for a mousemat?! :w00t:

    My current mousemat is a piece of paper!
    I must sound like a real scrooge :-D

    I'm looking at £10ish really. Maybe I should change the thread from looking for a "gaming mouse" to a "a mouse which isn't totally **** and at least half decent"!

    just look at the mice on ebuyer, rank them in order of popularity and look at their specifications and reviews.

    Logitech G5…061

    tiny bit over your £10 budget but best i can find for the money.


    There's a chap on eBay, whose name I can't recall, that makes trade out of refurb Logitech MX510s. He's based in Greece or Cyprus and I've bought six or seven mice from him for both myself and for co-workers, and he's never let me down. Search around there for refurb MX510s. They're cheap, at a little over a tenner each, but absolutely awesome mice. I think they're about £30 new, or at least htheir current incarnation is (MX518 last time I checked, the number's possibly higher now). They're still worth buying at that price.

    my habu just died but is still under warranty so wanted something cheap to tide me over while i rma'd it,found this on [url][/url].
    Gigabyte GM-M6880 Gaming Laser USB Mouse / Black for £9.99…tml

    is actually really really good and a bit less tempremental then my habu,will be a swings and roundabouts thing when i get it back


    :w00t:My current mousemat is a piece of paper!

    as long as you keep the piece of paper clean and everything, Paper is a good mouse mat for gaming used it many years ago when i played CS till i got a S&S Stealpad ;-)
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