In need of a new coffee machine

Posted 4th Dec
Hi there.
I'm wondering if anyone can provide with a recommendation.

My coffee machine has recently packed in, and I want to replace it. Only point is that is has to be a nespresso as I have several pods still left over and be easier to use them.

The first was a gift and I have no idea where to begin, Aslong as it can make a few fancy hot drink to keep the family happy.

Just a shame I forgot to purchase via the sales but hopefully still something had decent out there which would give me change from £200
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In the price range you mentioned I'd be looking at a Bean to cup machine.…447
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Type nespresso machine into google. It’s a pod machine they heat water and rinse a pod out, any will do.

As post above get a bean to cup for that money...
This one is still on amazon offers Nespresso EN550.BM Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine, Matt Black…ZV8
It’s really good I have the same one!
A De'longhi £80-120 espresso machine plus £20 grinder will beat and pod machine by such a huge amout. To me none of the pod machines offer anything like a takeaway coffee, where's the bean to cup of ground beans to cup offer something even better.
I'd go for a Bean to cup any day. Our Krups saves us a fortune on coffee too , works out cheaper than instant (Gold Blend) for us and infinitely cheaper than coffee pods. Tastes great too, would never go back to instant.You do get a steam wand on these for frothing the milk but we invested in a £20 frother , that also makes hot chocolate using real chocolate bar, for making fancy coffees as this can be used at the same time as you are brewing your coffee. Having said that for our day to day coffees we just warm the milk in the microwave .
I agree that a bean to cup is a good way to go. Our Delonghi machine (we had a Krups before this one) was around £300, but we buy a 1kg bag of beans from Costco for around £7 and they last months (supermarkets about £10-15 a kilo I think). As previous poster said it probably works out cheaper than instant. We must get 100 coffees from the beans so even at £10 a kilo that's around 10p a cup, Nespresso official pods are more like 30p each.
Yes you can get Nespresso machines for £80, but if you are willing to spend £200+ then bean to cup will work out much better in the long run. I don't think a £200 Nespresso machine is a huge amount better than an £80 one. But a £500 bean to cup will have a lot more features than a £200 one (such as milk frothing etc).
I used to use my Nespresso Latissima + machine but I haven't touched it since I got an Aeropress about 18 months ago. Nespresso machines are fine for an occasional quick coffee but the pods are expensive and wasteful in terms of the plastic or aluminium. A bean-to-cup machine is a much better idea if it's in your budget.
Bean to cup. So much better and also far better for the environment.
.MUFC.05/12/2019 11:23

Bean to cup. So much better and also far better for the environment.

And you can put whatever flavour of beans in it, you're not limited to a range of pods.
Get the sub from them for 12 months, machine is free
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