In need of a pink mp3 player for 6 year old.

I am after a mp3 player for my daughter for xmas who is 6, i have bought a 27 audio book cd set and want to put them on a mp3 player 1 at a time so she can listen to them in the car etc and the odd bit of pop music she is into of course.
There is a bratz one in argos that is 512mb but its £25 which i think is a bit steep and they have a phillips one with same size storage but is half price at £14.99.

Anyone know if these are any good or where i can get one cheaper? She will no doubht lose or break it within a few months if not weeks so i realy dont want to be wasting money.

Thanx in advance :thumbsup:


Hope this helps:

Might be a bit complicated 4 an 6 year old

There is a lilac one at halfcost for £3.99 only 256mb though. Hope this helps. Look under the gifts for Ladies section. There is also a 10% code somewhere on here so you can get it for £3.60!

Hey Lilly yeah the £25 one sounds a bit steep, juts had a quick look around and seen a few you might be interested in.

£19.99 in argos for this accoustic solutions 1gb one


also this mp3/mp4 player from ebuyer at £19.40


next one looks like quite a basic onefrom creative zen at £19.80


this ones probably the best price ive seen though


loads more if you go to google and just search for pink mp3 player under the products tab.

hope this helps.


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Thnx all,
went for this one in the end, ebuyer.com/pro…074 great price
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