In need of a washing machine

    In need of a washing machine for me mum got a budget of around 300 guys is there any recommendations as not really sure what to look for as this old one has only packed in after doing over 14 years of service lol


    Try John Lewis ... their own brand machines are made by Bosch

    3 year guarantee included, so £100 a year without any problems…spx…d=t

    this is probably the cheapest, probably best to spend around £200 on a slightly higher spec though.

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    What do you think of this guys…htm

    I have to admit kb24 I only ever buy electrical goods from John Lewis ...

    Their customer services is probably second to none.

    I would also stick with their own brand washing machine, after all they built by Bosch but come at a price much much lower.

    I was told by a washing machine repairman that Bosch or Miele are the best brands to buy,Hotpoint can be very hit and miss these days since they were taken over by Indesit approx 7 years ago.

    A lot of people don't rate Hotpoint,mine has been fine but my sisters for example is 2 years old and has broken down 4 times,3 in the last 6 months,luckily she paid for an extended warranty as both parts that needed replacing last time were a hundred pound each time,
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