In need of advice about bank details being used

I have just decided to go online to my banking to see there was a transaction for £46 that was set up 30th October for a gym in London. I live in Lincoln and have no set this up, Barclays are going to put a stop to it and also gave me £46 back and are claiming other £46 back.

Thats all that was basically said to me over the phone but the thing is, what im not sure of is, do i leave it to barclays to sort or do i also contact the police regarding this matter incase it happens again as someone obviously has my bank details!

Im just hoping that its nothing to do with those child benefit disks that went missing as my name was on it!:x


I had the same problem a few months ago... but it was my family, who I hadn't spoken to for months, setting up direct debits in my name & even wrote a cheque for £100 with an old cheque book I'd left at my mums... NatWest got all of my money back for me but if it hadn't have been my family I would've 100% went to the police straight away. It's illegal. You should definitely go to the police & make sure Barclays are making sure security on your account is tighter.

Hope you don't have anymore bad luck, especially before Christmas xx

I'd ask the bank for advice - they may be able to say if this was some kind of clerical error or if it was fraud. They should say if you need change your account details.....
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