In need of cheap train on the weekend

Found 11th Oct 2006
Are there any deals around at the moment for train travel on weekends. Prices seem to vary so much.

If anyone knows of any deals id be very grateful.

Journey is from York to Birmingham new street and then on sunday from birmingham to chelmsford essex if it matters.
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How many of you are travelling? A lot of train companies do long-term "group save" offers where 3 or 4 adults can travel for the price of 2 (usually off-peak only). Offers like this don't show up online but if you phone the sales line or call at your local station they should be able to tell you more.
What I've done is combined a coach and train. Had to change my plans due to double booking so am getting a coach from York to London Victoria and then the train home.
Total cost £35

I did look at car hire and found one that came out at £37 for the day, went thru the booking process then noticed in the small print a little something about extra charges

£41 for dropping off to a different location
£5.50 for being under 25
£000's on a credit card to cover insurance excesses
£x amount to fill the tank back up

All these above amounts would have been added when I went to pick up the car whereas the £37 would be paid at the time of booking so I wouldn't have known anything about it if i hadn't seen the small print .

Be careful with those pesky car hire companies
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