In need of quick method for logging sales/purchases!

Found 15th May
Might not be the right place to ask this, but seeing as it's a deals website, I thought maybe some of you would be experienced in buying and selling.

So I've been selling on eBay for around a year, buying phones cheap and selling them expensive. I've been doing well but recently I'm beginning to lose track. I used Excel for a while but as I buy/sell hundreds of items weekly, it took a large amount of time putting in details of items, buyers, sellers etc and since I've stopped, I really don't know what's going on. I've magically lost a big chunk of money, probably due to my unorganised counting and things have become difficult.

Does anyone know of quicker/automated methods for taking down buyer/seller details along with the items purchased? Maybe a mobile application, an Excel linker or something. Would be of much help. Thanks.
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If your buying and selling on eBay then you should just be able to export your buying and selling data from the site onto excel,I don’t use eBay so google how to do it
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