in the film "things to do in denver when your dead" what is buck weeds????

Found 4th Nov 2008
just watching this great movie again for the 5th time and the quote "buck weeds" what does this mean??? really need to know what this means as it's beginning to bug me now
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cheers for that,if i bloody knew that was what it meant i wouldn't have asked LOL as i knew that's what happened to a few of the guys.another question,they were all dead at the end and on the boat havin g boat drinks was this meant to be a sort of heaven experience or sommit???
Yeah I think so and Christopher Walken's character is sort of left in the hell situation, suffering the consequences of his 'evil' deeds. Been ages since i've seen it. Might watch it later.
Never seen it, sounds interesting though it any good?
Well I think it is. Have a read of this and decide for yourself whether its worth a watch :…60/

Never seen it, sounds interesting though it any good?

very good film,all about how chance can shape the rest of your life.
film looks familiar but i cannot recall the story. MUST go rent it and see.
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