In the market for a hatchback car - first time buying

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Hi there,

first time buying my own car. Thinking of buying a used car and willing to spend around 13-14k.

I am currently between a vauxhall astra or ford focus and maybe a vw golf (but it will be older than the other two).

Any suggestions help would be great. Thanks!
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Golf or focus but not the Astra. Read reviews and take some test drives. Then have a look at motor point recently converted to them and saved a fortune over dealer price, ended up with a lower mileage car straight from the manufacturer. Would never have touched them before seeing people praise them on here and they were excellent throughout the process.
Motorpoint for me too. Nowhere else near the price or low mileage and the service was excellent.
What sort of suggestions and help are you after? Stuff to check when you're buying your first secondhand car?
Seat Leon is a really good option, I think better than the astra and focus. Same engine and gearbox as the golf and you get more value for your money
How about a Vauxhall insignia but definitely not the auto gearbox! Really good car for the money your spending!
What's the point of spinning 13/14k on a first car? Get one for like 3k run it around bump into things for the first couple of years then buy a decent 13/14k car
Ford Fiesta!
I can recommend honda. Jazz for small and Civic for family. But depends on how you use it, both those have "magic seats". Which allow all sort of combo for people and luggage.
Motorpoint is a must for you
Fiesta is a nice little first car and can be had for alot less than 13k
Ford focus is far cheaper to repair...all of them will have faults and all are well designed.
I got an ex-motability VW Golf and it was in (actually I think less than) that price range. Love it.

They are well maintained cars and around 3 years old.
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