In the market for a new car.

We are looking at getting a new family car (Second hand) at the moment we have an astra but really need something bigger, We have 3 young children and need more space in a car.

We have a budget of about £5000 and so far have looked only at zafiras, could anyone recommend other cars that may suit our needs.



A ford Galaxy diesel is the best biggish car for that kind of money. You have 7 full size seats, all removable so you can have a van or a minibus, small or large boot etc.. and if you're really lucky, you can get back seats that actually turn into baby seats, then booster seats so you don't have to lose any passenger space if adults get in the car. You pull a tab on the seat and it changes straight back to a normal seat (i've got them and found them very useful with 2 kids for days when they bring their friends home etc...)

we'v got a zafira for sale, 04 plate in sheffield
if you're just wanting suggestions, there's;
ford c-max
or then there's 4x4 ones,

Nissan Quashqui +2, Ford SMax, Ford Galaxy, Landrover Discovery, Fiat Multipla, Volvo XC90, Chrysler Grand Voyager.....

I am also looking for a bigger car but only zafira fits into the budget. Ford, captiva, etc are all beyond budget.

Honda CRV, Mazda CX-7

I've been looking for something similar. I've found that by looking at cars on autotrader then clicking on the tabs at the top, they tell you the tax band & (alleged!) fuel consumption. This makes a big difference as you could end up paying £425 a year tax!
What about a peugot 307/407 sw, Ford c-max, Jag X-type estate, all diesels.

Original Poster

Thanks guys i will check these options out latter, im a little busy now

Zaffira's are good cars but the petrol engines burn a lot of oil, Their ok up to about 100,000 miles, Not sure about the diesels.

It's virtually impossible to get adult's in the back seat's in a Zaffira but ok up to about the ages of 8, My kids used to moan when in the back because the lack of space, You can adjust the space but not by much and you sacrifice the middle row space.

Traded mine in for a Ford Galaxy myself and it's a fab car, 2.3 so not as economical but a much nicer drive and lots more space, Had them before the Zaffira but wanted to downsize lol.

Don't go near a Multipla, They are terrible cars, Reliability is a problem and they tend to fall apart.

The Piccasso is a nice car even though it's French, Scenic is ok but too much body roll, not nice on the motorway.

You can get a decent 2005 plate Diesel Galaxy for around £5000.

I got a good 55 plate cmax for 4.5k recently. Find it very good, might be just a little small for your needs though
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