In the market for a seperates surround sound system - Can you guys suggest one pleaseeeee?

Enjoyed a Panasonic SCPT850 DVD Home Cinema so far. I will put this for sale soon. Thinking to go for seperates now i.e., a good amp and a good set of speakers. I had paid 330 for the Pana. So as you expect my budget is around 300-350.

Can anyone suggest a good amp/speaker set for that price?


Onkyo TX-SR605 is very good, i've heard it, starts at around £300, richer sounds, might be over your budget if you add speakers tho, some of the yamahas are respectable esp for a first seperates system

Denon system looks good:…htm

the cambridge audios would do very well too, here:…ERS

the Onkyo's are dropping in price too, new 506 is good

speaker selection:…GES

yamahas good price and should sound reasonable


yep richer sounds is a good place to start looking.... go in and chat to someone that works there or even some customers... may pick up some second hand stuff that way... 300 is a little on the low end for a serious and complete component set..i had the same budget so ended up with an all in one... (haven't regretted it yet but will upgrade to componenets when i move out!)

I was in the same sort of situation as your in, got a samsung surround setup with my tv and wanted better, went for an onkyo 606 and ripped the connectors off the samsung speakers to use them with it till i can splash out on some imba ones. Later i picked up a mordaunt-short sub and i'm aiming for some kick ass mordaunt speakers but that all together would total a lot more than 300 straight off.

There are package speakers on sites like richer sounds that are brilliant value, after that its a case of finding an amplifier that does what you want

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thanks everyone for your advice. i think i am closing down on 506 but now need to hunt for good speakers. with a budget left of £100

do you know if we get tall boy speakers seperately anywhere - i couldn't find them on RS site!

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thanks, will take a look.

Why not try practical hi fi,they seem to do some good deals .My husband has reciently bought a yammaha amp for £250 and is considdering one of their keff speaker packages my husband is a film buff so he is always looking for the best at the right price::)

AugQX;2451761 have somepeter tyson also might have a few … have somepeter tyson also might have a few

peter tyson have a 7.1 Pioneer VSX817 amp for £120 (7x110w 360w power consumption) i just bought 5 bookshelf mission M701 speakers (75w each) for £33 inc delivery off fleabay plus i bought a pair of wharfedale zaldek s2000 speakers which cost me £70 all in all thats £223 leaving me with just over £100 to spend on some nice high quality cabling still need tidy sub though :?
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