in the night garden- iggle piggle

    My daughter has recently got into the night garden and i'm trying to track down a place that has a talking iggle piggle in stock.
    I'm not after the dancing one as i cannot afford him, i've done searches and cant seem to find him anymore.
    hoping you guys on here can help as i know how great you are at this.:)


    Your best bet is to look in-store - theentertainer has the talking igglepiggle for £14.99 and is out of stock on-line, but i saw some in my local one the other day. Try john lewis and Asda too. :santa:

    rosenauk in stock just now and it's £9.99

    That's just the small plush one - which is £4.99 most other places, bobbybuttons wants the 12 inch talking one

    Hasbrotoyshop had both Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy this morning, Iggle Piggle sold out in under the hour, but they still have Upsy Daisy.

    And yes the were the 12" Talking ones.

    Quite a few on ebay

    I bought 2 from Boots a few months ago in the 3 for 2 as we thought they would be scarce towards xmas...


    That's just the small plush one - which is £4.99 most other places, … That's just the small plush one - which is £4.99 most other places, bobbybuttons wants the 12 inch talking one

    Sorry for not being fully au fait with this years trendy toys. I typed in talking iggle piggle to the website and thats what it brought up :whistling:

    Not sure on how reliable this site is but it works on auction principle like ebay but only for In The Night Garden toys.

    I see they are going for about £36 on ebay now, I got one on there two weeks back for £21. Seems to be one of this seasons must haves for toddlers.

    Try Tescos (in-store there are none online). I got one this morning for 14.99.

    I found about 30 Iggle Piggle plush talking toys on the shelf at House of Fraser Birmingham. They are from the Hamleys section on the 6th floor. It is annoying me that ther are now being sold on amazon for £40+. You may also like to know that House of Fraser have 25% off instore tomorrow Thursday 28th November.
    P.S. They also had 3 of the dancing plush ones RRP £34.99.

    think Mothercare may have some.

    I was looking for one for my daughter a couple of weeks ago but gave up when I couldn't find one easily.
    Someone then recommended I get some knitting patterns to make the dolls, perfect and a bargain too. Although granny wasn't too happy when I gave her 3 knitting patterns! She has done iggle piggle and upsy daisy and they look fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone with a toddler who insists on anything "in the night garden"!!
    I got the patterns from ebay, from a powerseller. Can't remember the name of seller, think it was something gifts but can't say for sure. :santa:

    hi i am after a talking iggle piggle but not the dancing one the one for around £15.00 been searcing all local shops for one today with no look anyone have any ideas please

    toys r us have in the night garden merchandise...they are having deliveries regular they told me, had one this am but i missed out as we are after the 12" upsy daisy but they had loads of dancing iggle piggle and the large soft upsy daisy, bath makka pakka, ninky nonk, plastic figures,iggles blanket,floor puzzles, torch/night light, blow up bed,back packs so try them.... dont pay over the odds, they are still getting deliveries, ring the stores & ask whne deliveries are coming in then phone again to see if they have any, some shops will reserve them for you, especially independant toy shops (I find anyway are more accomodating).

    Saw some in our local Toys R Us today (Oxford). I also saw some in Mothercare too so they are out there but probably not online much! You may have to brave the crowds . . . :-)
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