In The Night Garden Mega Bloks

    Looking For In The Night Garden Mega Bloks Only Can Find Them In Toys R Us For £30.00!!!
    Does Any1 No Where Else I Can Get Them From And On A Deal??
    & Also Looking For
    Mega Bloks Tombiloos
    And Musical Gazeebo!
    If Any 1 Can Help Would Be Extremly Gratful as all these 3 items add up t £70.00 +


    amazon have the tomliboos set for £14.99 and I saw them cheap somewhere in the last month but we have a ridiculous amount of them already so didn't get them. If I remember I will update the thread (thought it may be argos but just checked there and it's not):thumbsup:

    Found a thread from natz85 about the itng gazebo mega blocks reduced from £20 to £10 instore at teaco but it was posted 3 wks ago. Sorry can't find the other one I was thinking of.

    Original Poster

    Okay then Thanks There So Prices For What They Are!!
    But My Son Loves Them So For His Birthday Im Getting Him Then
    Thanky Anyway Tho!! :-D

    sainsburys had the smaller sets reduced to a couple of quid, but that was about a month ago
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